We found relief in CBD oil, and we want you to find relief, too.


– whether it’s from an accident, a health problem, inflammation or something else. 

Whatever it is, we understand the frustration of trying what feels like EVERYTHING and not finding help.

We are four friends who have found life-changing relief in CBD oil. We believe in it so strongly we started Buddica Life so we can offer this opportunity to others. 

Now, due to federal regulations we cannot legally make claims about our product or CBD oil in general. But we can share our stories.

Tanked star Wayde King injured his back on the job

And it was when I was lifting on the job that I injured my lower back. I tried to work through it after hoping the pain would heal on its own…but it never did.

That’s when I started trying to stretch, do strengthening exercises and visit the chiropractor. But nothing seemed to provide enough relief that it didn’t affect my day-to-day life. I wasn’t able to take part in the activities I was used to. It was really frustrating.

After trying to get better my chiropractor suggested CBD Oil. I didn’t know anything about it…and I was a little skeptical…but I was at the point where I was willing to do anything to not be in pain all the time.

When I first tried it nothing happened, and I thought I would have to start my search for relief again. I was encouraged to stick with CBD oil, and I’m so glad I did. It took about two weeks, but I finally started to feel some relief. 

I’m now able to manage my chronic pain and perform more strenuous activities. At only 52 years old I’m not ready to feel like an old man yet. It feels great to have my quality of life back.

Bill Smith suffered complications from Lyme Disease

I almost flew to New York to have my blood treated with ozone. This is how desperate I was to relieve the excruciating pain I experienced after contracting Lyme carditis as a complication from Lyme Disease.

Of course, before I got to that point I had tried countless remedies. My symptoms included inflammation, sharp pains and swelling in my legs. Nothing worked. 

In my search for relief I came across a forum post in a Lyme disease group about CBD helping others with Lyme. I got so excited that there could actually be something out there that helped. As I said before, I was desperate! 

I started taking it, but didn’t really notice any improvements to my pain right away, but I did feel more relaxed. I’m not sure if I felt relaxed from the oil, or if it was because I was so hopeful that it would work. 

Eventually, however, I did start feeling better. 

Today, I no longer have those sharp shooting pains. I feel a lot better and my leg swelling (edema) has reduced down to almost nothing.

Oz Malka can lift his little girl again

Like my partner Wayde, I hurt myself on the job. I own and operate a moving company, so lifting heavy objects is a non-negotiable part of the gig.

It was when I was helping a customer with a move that I hurt my shoulder and neck. Before this happened my life was pain free, but since that injury I was living with pain every day.

I decided to try CBD oil since my wife had so much success with it. She suffers from anxiety and insomnia. 

Once I started taking it I felt amazing. I know it takes some people a while before they feel relief, but my relief came quickly. One of the things I love about it is that I don’t experience any side effects or the worry of addiction.This wouldn’t be the case with pain medication because I know so many people who had become addicted.

Now that I’ve found some relief I’m able to lift my little girl again. This is the best feeling ever.

A car accident changed Paul Shlasinger’s life forever

Before my car accident, I was a physically healthy guy. I slept well, and I was able to (mostly) keep up with my four kids.

After the accident I experienced intense pain from the bulging and herniated disks – it made it very difficult to sleep at night. It was also difficult to carry on with a normal life. You don’t know what pain can do to your day-to-day until you experience it first hand.

I was getting desperate for some relief when a friend suggested CBD oil. It looked promising to me because it was all-natural, and I didn’t want to put any addicting chemicals in my body.

Once I started taking it I was able to sleep better. I would say it cuts down on the pain by about 50%. It takes the edge off so I can relax more – I was really stressed before trying CBD oil.

The stress was causing me to lose my patience with my kids, and I hated that feeling. Now that I’m getting more sleep I have more energy for my family and my work.

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