CBD oil gains recognition, popularity – BizWest

  • Charles Weng had been in private practice as an internal medicine physician for almost two decades when he started researching cannabidiol, or CBD, as a treatment for pain.
  • Weng, whose practice, Baltimore Progressive Compassionate Care, is based in Baltimore, MD, started researching CBD products and talking to both doctors on the west coast who were already practicing cannabis-based medicine and to cannabis industry representatives in Colorado, including those at Functional Remedies in Boulder.
  • Weng has seen consistent positive results in patients who are treated with CBD and other cannabis-based treatments, but these products are not reimbursable by Medicare or Medicaid, which, he said, can make them difficult to afford for some of his patients, many of whom are older adults.
  • Ken Keidan, chief medical officer at Boulder Community Health.
  • While consumers have access to CBD and other medical marijuana products through businesses like Joy Organics, practices or clinics like Weng’s and medical marijuana dispensaries, it’s still unlikely to be prescribed by a physician in a hospital, said Keidan.

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