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The use of cannabidiol in a variety of forms is quickly gaining in popularity. With its vast health benefits, the substance is becoming more of a commonality. Of the many forms that it takes, one of the most popular is in the shape of CBD oil. CBD oil has expanded into several categories, with the latest being the use of this oil by pets. But before we delve into this any further, let’s take a look at what exactly CBD oil is and why it’s as important as people say it is.

CBD Oil- What is it and Why?

CBD oil is essentially cannabidiol dissolved in coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, with some extraction methods even removing all traces of THC, the component that stimulates the sensation of being high. Recently, CBD oil has gained traction due it being linked to a range of medicinal benefits, particularly those related to mental health. 

With time, the use of CBD oil has extended into the pet category with more and more animal lovers treating their pets to the substance. But just how safe is this? Let’s take a further look. 

CBD Oil- Is it for My Pets?

Naturally, the vast majority of pet owners have an adverse reaction when they hear about CBD oil for their animal friends. All it takes is for them to learn that the oil comes from marijuana and their willingness to test it out goes downhill, worried as they are for their pet’s safety. However, the field of medicine claims otherwise. 

With age, several older pets tend to experience ailments such as pain, anxiety, and stress. CBD oil has been medically proven to combat these as well as many other conditions. The oil caters to a wide range of anxieties, including thunder phobia and separation anxiety, two of the most common forms to manifest in domestic animals. It also works to soothe arthritis by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent

What is more, CBD oil may even be better than its alternatives. Phenobarbital, a medication used to treat grand mal seizures, carries a range of deadly side effects. This can easily be replaced by the use of CBD oil, which has shown better and safer results in various cases.

Furthermore, research has shown that oil is the most beneficial form in which cannabidiol can be administered to animals. Compared to creams and capsules, CBD oil holds the best pharmacokinetic profile. In simpler terms, it exhibited the greatest bloodstream concentration, was present in the animal’s system for the longest and was compatible with a wide range of pets. 

The primary question, though, is whether CBD oil is safe for pets. According to research carried out by the World Health Organization, CBD oil is perfectly safe for use by animals and is well tolerated by their bodies.

However, it is always best to take due precautions. If you’re a pet owner who is deciding whether to inculcate CBD oil into their pet’s diet, then it is best to know about the potential flipside. 

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CBD Oil- Can it Harm My Pet?

Like everything else, if the use of CBD oil is administered without proper knowledge or care, things could go wrong. Here’s how to ensure that this doesn’t happen:

  1. Consult a Veterinarian 

Regulating your pet’s dietary and medicinal intake without seeking a professional recommendation is anything but a smart decision. The same goes for CBD oil. Not only will consulting a veterinarian reduce the risk of potential harm, but it will also help you choose the best possible type of oil for your pet. Vets will give an individualized recommendation according to the kind of pet you have, their age and overall medical history, making it possible for your pet to gain the maximum benefit

  1. Remember, THC Free!

THC, an ingredient found in cannabidiol, can be potentially harmful to animals due to its toxicity. It commonly leads to vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea and restlessness, proving to be a source of worry for individuals. Pet owners should take care to use CBD oil that is THC free or one that contains minimal traces, at the very least. A standard marker of safe CBD oil is one that is COA approved. It ensures that THC traces stay within the 0.3% range. However, it is still best to go for completely THC free products

  1. Check the Liver!

Cannabidiol consumption has been known to increase alkaline phosphatase levels in pets. If your pet has known liver issues, then it is highly recommended that you do not give them cannabidiol oil. Since the liver metabolizes CBD, it is best to take this precaution as it could harm your pet. Similarly, pets who are taking any other medication that is also metabolized by the liver should pay heed as well. 

So, if you make sure to follow these simple guidelines, it is safe to say that the only effect CBD oil will have on your pet is a beneficial one.

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CBD Oil– Is it Suitable for All Animals?

While you’ve got the benefits and precautions of CBD oil down, it is also essential to ask whether the oil is suitable for your pet specifically. With such a diverse range of animals kept as pets, it is a good idea to read up on medical compatibility. 

Generally, CBD oil is fit for use by dogs, cats, birds, horses, and rabbits. However, requirements such as dosage and type will vary from one pet to another.

As a whole, while you might be wary of having your pet consume CBD oil, it can do them a world of good. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions, and you and your pet should be good to go!