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Figuring Out CBD Oil Price, What Is the Real Cost?

When it comes to buying CBD oil, a question that we are asked a lot by our readers is how much does it cost? Where can I find the best CBD Oil Prices? The truth is, there is no single answer to that question as it depends on a lot of factors. These variables include where you live, where you buy it from, the delivery method, and the quality of the oil that you are purchasing. We’ll break it down in our post below to give you a better idea of how much you generally will spend.

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The Cost of CBD Oil

Even with a number of things held constant, such as location you’re buying from, the price of CBD oil can vary wildly. To give a general idea, saying $60 per gram on average is not far off. For the most part, you can buy wax or “dabs” anywhere from $20 to $80 per gram at retail. If you are looking for whole cannabis extract oil, also known as RSO, the price is a little bit higher and ranges from around $40 per gram to $100 per gram. For CBD oil, e-liquids can vary from $20 to $100 per gram.

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So how much will CBD oils cost me?

As we said before, this is a very diversified market and there is no one true answer to the question that will provide clarity for all CBD Oil users, so we’ll go into a few examples of CBD Oil brands that we recommend and let you know what the pricing they are selling theirs at. These rates will change by the concentration of the CBD’s present in the tincture.

Koi CBD Oils

If you remember from our page about the best CBD oils, one of our top recommended brands is Koi CBD. At Koi, they sell their oil in 30 ml bottles, and the price depends on the milligram dosage you want. It’s not the size of the bottle that determines the price, rather it is the CBD oils concentration.

If you are a light user, they sell it at $29.99 per bottle for the 100mg strength. The next step up is $39.99 for 250mg, $59.99 for 500mg, and $99.99 for 1,000mg strength.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Tincture

Another brand that we highly recommend is NuLeaf CBD’s, whose oil prices are competitive but a little more expensive than at Koi. You can get a 240mg bottle for $38.50, a 725mg bottle for $99.00, a 1,450mg bottle for $179.00, with CBD prices moving up similarly all the way to their highest CBD oil dosage of 4,850mg for $439.00.

While they offer a higher concentration at their maximum level, their price per milligram is inferior to that of the previous brand we mentioned.

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Vape Bright CBD Oil Vape

The last brand that we mentioned in our top recommended CBD oils is Vape Bright. It’s a little more difficult to compare apples to apples in the pricing here, as they sell a starter pack that includes a CBD vape pen which then combines with their compatible cartridges. Buying the starter pack initially costs $60.00 and includes one 200mg cartridge. After that, you can buy refill cartridges for $50.00 for 200mg, a three-pack of 600mg cartridges for $142.00, or a 5-pack of 1000mg cartridges for $225.00.

As you can see, there is no definite answer to how much CBD oil costs and a number of factors go into how much you will pay  when you purchase CBD oil. Determine what delivery method and milligram dosage is right for you, shop around extensively and do your research, and we’re sure you’ll find the best price for your needs.

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CBD Oil Prices How To Purchase CBD Based On Strength

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil Prices

Currently, there is a huge boom in the CBD oil market. This is because as new research is published regarding the efficacy of this oil for everything from epilepsy to pain management, more and more people are looking to try out CBD oil. Also, the relaxation of regulations and laws surrounding CBD products are making it so that more manufacturers can enter the market, making the market more competitive. With all of these trends, many often wonder how they can learn about getting the best CBD oil prices.

Why are CBD prices so confusing?

Getting the best prices for CBD oil involves looking into many different factors which influence the cost of this type of oil. Many people forget about the fact that no two types of CBD oil are the same. Differing brands use varying ingredients and manufacturing processes. It’s important not to confuse this oil with conventional drugs such as ibuprofen which is often completely the same regardless of whether they are bought from one brand or another.

Concentration of CBD

The concentration of CBD within a particular oil product will have a significant influence on how much it is sold for. This is because stronger CBD oils require more ingredients in order to create. Thus, naturally, stronger variations of this particular kind of oil will be much more expensive than very diluted variations. It is essential for those that are new to buying oil created from CBD to be aware of the fact that there is a considerable variation in concentrations that are available.
For individuals that are new to using oil created from CBD, it’s imperative that they start off by using oils with very low concentrations of CBD. Luckily for these individuals, this kind of oil has the lowest price. From there, after using the oil and taking into account the effects that they experienced, they will be able to move onto more expensive oils with higher concentrations if needed.

Thus, the first thing that a consumer of CBD oil should look at is concentration. The general rule of thumb is higher the concentration, higher the price. CBD oil prices are heavily influenced not only by concentration but also by such things as the quality of CBD that is utilized.

Quality of CBD Oil

As with most products on the market, there are varying levels of quality. There are certain brands of CBD oil that have been known to use very low-quality cannabis plants in order to extract CBD. It makes sense that the oil that is created from low-quality cannabis will be much less effective in producing the desired health benefits that users wish to experience. Hence, this is reflected in the CBD oil prices of oil products that have been created using CBD that is below the standard expected within the market.

On the other hand, CBD oil that has been manufactured using high-quality cannabis is often a lot more useful than the average oil product available. Because of this, high-quality CBD oil is a lot more expensive than the average price paid for the oil in the market. Many people that like to spend the extra money to get this type of product often say that it is very much worth it. These high-quality oil products can usually be priced at double what is standard in the market. However, some people say that they are able to experience double the effects that they desire.

It’s hard to quantify whether or not the quality of CBD oil that is used in these products is able to greatly affect the benefits that are experienced from use. This is because other facts such as the concentration of the CBD product will have to be taken into account as well as other determining factors. Other factors that may influence the efficacy of a given oil product made from CBD is the process of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process of CBD Oil

Although the general process of how CBD oil products are created is standardized, there are a few variations that different brands can utilize to ensure that their product is superior to others in the market. For example, some companies may have rigorous quality checks in place during each step of the manufacturing process of these oils to ensure that the final batch that they create is of the highest standard. Cheaper manufacturers often don’t have these quality control policies in place, meaning that the final batch that they release into the market will not have the same level of quality as a product with stringent quality control procedures.

Of course, implementing quality control and other types of manufacturing adjustments in the production of this kind of oil will impact CBD oil prices. Companies that have used extensive resources to create a manufacturing process that uses the highest standard of equipment along with quality control will have to price their products higher in order to meet the extra costs that they have incurred in production.

Just like with the overall quality of cannabis used to extract the CBD used for these products, it is hard to pinpoint the direct correlation between better health benefits and high-quality manufacturing processes. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that oil products that have gone through manufacturing processes that use high-quality equipment and have the proper quality controls in place lead to a better experience for the user. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide whether or not the higher price paid for these products is worth it.

Size of CBD Oil Product

The size of that CBD oil that is purchased will have a proportionate impact on the CBD oil prices paid. This is a phenomenon that is witnessed throughout all different markets. Hence, buying an oil product that has one hundred milliliters will generally cost more than another product with only thirty milliliters. Of course, this is a generalization because if you take into account other variables that have already been discussed, such as the manufacturing process, the costs can start to vary drastically between differing sizes.

Seasoned users of CBD oil products often warn against new users from buying large sizes of oil when they are first starting. This is because there are many different brands and types of oil that are currently available. Many suggest that it’s worth trying out as many brands as possible before committing to the one that provides the best health benefits. There have been many new users that have committed to buying a large sized CBD oil product, only never to use it all because they ended up finding another brand that was able to provide them with a better quality product.

Hence, the size of the CBD oil product should only be taken into account once one has a large amount of experience with the various oil products that are on the market. Once someone is confident in their ability to choose the best CBD oil product available, they should look to maximize the value for money that they get by purchasing a large sized product. However, for those that are new to CBD oil, it’s better to find a product that actually works well for them first.

Quantity of CBD Oil Ordered

With most products in the market, bulk discounts occur. Hence, the CBD oil market is no different. CBD oil prices can be drastically reduced if they are purchased in a bulk order. Lots of large retailers like to buy vast quantities of different brands of oil so that they can lower the costs of selling these goods. It is important to note that not all manufacturers of CBD oil can provide bulk ordering discounts, some brands are still quite small and are only able to fulfill a small number of orders in a given period. Many of these smaller brands aren’t able to meet profit targets if they start providing discounts to retailers and other buyers.

The practical implications of buying large quantities of CBD oil is to reduce the overall costs that are incurred by using the product. Once a user of this type of oil has found a brand and product that they are sure is perfect for their condition, they may consider buying such an oil product in bulk. This way, they can save a lot of money by getting a bulk discount, but they also save a lot of time and effort by not having to worry about going through the process of ordering these oil products for a long time into the future.

In regard to those that wish to sell CBD oil, it is practically a requirement that they buy the oil in bulk. If they decide to purchase CBD oil products from a number of different brands through retail avenues, they won’t be able to provide the competitive prices necessary to facilitate sales in the market. Hence, considering that CBD oil prices are set to rise with the higher demand that is currently ongoing, savvy individuals looking to profit off of these trends should consider buying bulk quantities of popular brands of oil.