Lexaria Bioscience: DehydraTECH Could Transform Oral Delivery In Cannabis, Nicotine, NSAIDs, And Vitamins (seekingalpha.com)

  • Source: Lexaria Bioscience Investor Presentation Lexaria’s patent on DehydraTECH currently covers the specific use of the technology for cannabinoids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and nicotine.
  • Despite the noise on their chart from their volatile trading range, Lexaria Biosciences has been steadily trending up since November 2017 (as can be seen above) and is set to benefit from a variety of industry trends across its most promising areas of operation; cannabis, nicotine, NSAIDs, and vitamins.
  • The results from the cannabis-focused testing Lexaria has been running over the past few years and the advantages DehydraTECH has over the current competition are set to capitalize on several trends and regulations that have been developing over the course of US state and Canadian legalization.
  • With the possibility of increased regulations on cigarettes and new restrictions on e-cigarettes, the demand for smoking cessation devices and nicotine alternatives would be expected to grow.
  • While $380K in free cash flow for a $140MM company is nothing impressive, it is a strong signal that the licensing-based revenue model is beginning to positively impact operations and is beginning to push the company closer to profitability; with the expectations of additional agreements to follow as Lexaria furthers refines DehydraTECH.
  • The onset of recreational sales in cannabis, the opioid crisis, and worldwide shifts away from smoking stand to act as strong catalysts for Lexaria in the coming years and could propel the company’s share price even further.