Opponents, supporters of Prop 2 press on in wake of medical marijuana compromise (www.parkrecord.com)

  • Critics argue that Utah’s Proposition 2, the statewide ballot initiative that would allow access to medical marijuana for terminally and chronically ill patients, would significantly increase recreational marijuana use.
  • To address those concerns, detractors and proponents of Proposition 2 have negotiated a compromise that would still allow for the use of medical marijuana by patients with a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Governor Gary Herbert said he would call the session to pass the legislation regardless of whether the initiative passes.
  • The compromise outlines regulations for the cultivation of medical marijuana, the processing of doctor’s recommendations and patient procurement of the drug.
  • Michelle McOmber, CEO of the Utah Medical Association, said there are several concerning elements in Proposition 2, including who can recommend a patient receive medical marijuana and a perceived lack of oversight for patients to gain access.