Spas Take Treatments To New Highs With CBD Oil, CBD oil cosmetics grow in popularity

Spas Take Treatments To New Highs With CBD Oil ( – Aug 07 2018

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  • Wellness centers around the country have taken treatments to new highs by infusing spa treatments, like massages and manicures, with CBD oil.
  • It’s now taking its natural treatments a step further by offering Healthy Lotus CBD oil in its massages, facials and body scrubs.
  • The two-hour and 15-minute Mellow Me Out package might be the best way to experience the new offering, as it uses CBD oil in each step of the service, including the body scrub, massage, hair treatment and more.
  • You’ll then be gently wrapped in a lavender and sage body butter (infused with CBD oil) while you receive a hot oil scalp massage.
  • The service includes a full-body massage with CBD oil, along with a foot scrub, paraffin soak, hot stone neck massage and de-puffing face treatment.

CANNABIS COSMETICS: CBD oil cosmetics grow in popularity ( – Aug 07 2018

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  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Vegan cosmetics are growing in popularity, but manufacturers can’t use a common cosmetic ingredient, beeswax, in vegan products.
  • Instead, many are replacing it with CBD oil, a product found in marijuana.
  • Allergy-sufferer Autumn Williams has sensitive eyes and decided to try a new vegan mascara.
  • The use of CBD and hemp oils is spreading across the beauty industry in serums, moisturizers, make-up products, nail polishes and colognes.

What Is CBD Oil? – Simplemost ( – Aug 08 2018

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  • Or perhaps you read the news in June that the FDA approved  the CBD-containing prescription drug called Epidiolex for patients with severe epilepsy.
  • CBD is a major non-psychoactive compound — one of 60, actually — in the cannabis sativa plant.
  • While medical marijuana uses have been known for some time, CBD reportedly came to people’s attention in the United States around 2013.
  • Dravet syndrome is one of the two rare forms of epilepsy that can be treated with the CBD drug recently approved by the FDA .
  • Testing of CBD for the treatment of rare types of epilepsy was done in children — hence, the FDA approval’s of Epidiolex.