Weed is legal in Canada — but a majority of pot users still want to keep it ‘hush hush’: Ipsos poll (globalnews.ca)

  • According to an exclusive survey for Global News by Ipsos Reid, six in 10 respondents said they wouldn’t be comfortable using cannabis in public spaces and more than half indicated they do not plan on telling people they smoke it.
  • The survey also found that among cannabis users, women, people living in the Atlantic provinces, medical marijuana users and those aged 18-34 are more likely to say that even after pot legalization, they won’t be comfortable using it in public spaces.
  • Simon Grigenas, the CEO of BRNT Designs (a high-end cannabis accessories company that makes things like ceramic bongs and concrete pipes) said although his business has been growing, the cannabis stigma remains.
  • Melissa,  a geographer who lives in Winnipeg, said she started using medical marijuana — specifically CBD oil — this year to help cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Melissa said she told friends, family and colleagues about it, and because she was using it medically and responsibly, she had positive feedback.