One of the reasons why CBD oil is so expensive is because of the few cannabis-related bills in Congress. However, current hemp legislation has been assigned to the Energy and Commerce Committee. There are different people that support hemp such as farmers and industrial lobbyists. Americans can legally buy hemp products that are imported such as CBD oil, hemp fabrics, etc., as long as the hemp is grown outside the U.S. However federal law prohibits farmers from legally producing or selling hemp products across state lines in the United State and this adversely affects the price of CBD oil.

CBD Bills In Congress

Is CBD Oil Legal In All 50 States 2017


There are two bills which would change that: HR 525, which is the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, and HR 5226, which is the Charlottes Web Medical Hemp Act. These two bills would remove hemp from the DEA Schedule by excluding it from the same category as marijuana, and the two of them do not interfere with state law when it comes to the production and usage of marijuana. HR 525 has 49 sponsors as well as a companion bill in the Senate. HR 5226 has about 10 sponsors. These two bills were introduced by the Republicans who are the majority and serves as a positive step in the right direction for Congress. And not less than 6 of the co-sponsors serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee which is a refreshing departure from the committee of the Judiciary.

Hemp Bills

These hemp bills earlier mentioned place United State hemp seller and farmers in a more competitive position against international producers. It also paves way for U.S. hemp farmer to compete in all the 22 states that allow the production of hemp, however, the product can’t be sold across the state lines. The DEA likewise intercepted Kentucky’s hemp seeds which reveal the hurdles which are being faced in the hemp industry.

The High Price Of CBD

The high price of cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil is very painful and is because most of it is imported from Canada and overseas, but it sells for as much as two-thirds less instated where it is legal to sell. This allows U.S. hemp producer to improve competition and innovation be selling nationally. The hemp legislation is not going to usurp or prevent any cannabis legislation. However, it will open a door on Capitol Hill so as to remove the stigma of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s not an either-or situation; if a person says, “I am in support of cannabis and THC, so I’m against hemp”, that sound petulant, ridiculous and close-minded.

CBD Oil Extraction Process

Also, the process involved in obtaining the oil makes it expensive, the CBD oil removal is performed on all the stalks and seeds so as to do with mature industrial hemp plants, and the resulting oil is then analyzed in the laboratory with the aid of HPLC test. Then it is further refined at any GMP certified facility before being analyzed for purity and potency. And after this is done, the high CBD, hemp oil extract is turned within our CBD lube blends for another set of processes. Then the final testing is done regarding the finished CBD oil. A lot of money is spent on each of these steps and they contribute to the high cost of CBD oil which is being paid by the consumers.

It is crystal clear that two major things contribute to the high cost of CBD oil which is the government policy and the high cost of production.